Discussion Questions: Baptist Catechism 27

  1. In Baptist Catechism 24 and 25, we considered the person and natures of Christ. What about Christ are we considering in questions 26-31?
  2. What is an office?
  3. Name a few prophets from the Old Testament. What work does a prophet do?
  4. Jesus Christ is the greatest of prophets. How so? (see Hebrews 1:1)
  5. What does Jesus Christ reveal to us?
  6. Why does our catechism say, by his Word and Spirit? In other words, if we are to know and believe the will of God for our salvation, why must Christ send forth his Word and Spirit?  
  7. Why do we need the prophetic office in general, and especially the prophetic work of Jesus Christ?

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"Him we proclaim,
warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom,
that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
(Colossians 1:28, ESV)

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