Discussion Questions: Luke 2:41-52

Questions For Discussion At Home Or In Gospel Community Groups

  • In what way does this story about Jesus at the temple at the age of twelve mirror the story of Samuel as recorded in 1 Samuel 3? How does making this connection help us to properly interpret Luke 2:41-52?
  • Though many applications can be drawn from Luke 2:41-52, what is the text really about? How do we know that this is what it is about?
  • What do the first recorded words of Christ in Luke 2:49 reveal about how he viewed, 1) his person (his nature and special relation to God Father), and 2) his work, calling, or mission as the Lord’s Messiah? 
  • Jesus is God the Son incarnate. We must also confess that Jesus is the son of Mary, that is to say,  truly human. What insights can we gain about the humanity of Christ from this story, and especially Luke 2:40 and 52?   
  • What did it mean for Christ to be about his Father’s “business”? In other words, what was the work that God determined to do through Jesus Christ, the Son? Luke 2:49 does not say! How do we know?

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(Colossians 1:28, ESV)

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