Discussion Questions For Sermon On Baptist Catechism 44-47


  • Why is it most appropriate to ask the question, “What is the duty which God requireth of man?” at this point in the catechism? 
  • What is meant by “revealed will”? What is God’s “hidden” or “secret will”? Which one are we called to obey? Why are we to obey the one and not the other?
  • Where did God first “write” his moral law?
  • Where in the Scriptures should we go to find a summary of God’s moral law?
  • Why is it important that the Ten Commandments be said to contain a summary of God’s moral law? In other words, why should the Ten Commandments not be strictly equated with the moral law? 
  • What is the sum of the Ten Commandments? How do these two laws get to the heart of the first four and last six of the Ten Commandments, respectively?

Click here to view the bulletin for the afternoon service which includes an outline of the sermon.

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