Discussion Questions: Exodus 3:10-22


Sermon manuscript available at emmausrbc.org

  • Put yourself in Moses’ place. What would you be concerned about if God were calling you to accomplish this mission? 
  • Why should we consider it a good thing that Moses’ initial reply to God’s call was, “who am I?” Why didn’t God seek to build Moses up to remove his doubts? What did God emphasize instead to encourage Moses? (See v. 12)
  • Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob used the name Yahweh to refer to God. Why does God say in Exodus 6:3 that the LORD did not make himself known to them by this name? What is the meaning of that?
  • What did God reveal to Moses concerning the significance of the name Yahweh? In other words, what meaning did God attach to that name?
  • What did God mean when he referred to himself as the “I AM”?
  • What effect should the name Yahweh have upon the people of God? What should it make us think, feel, and do?


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that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
(Colossians 1:28, ESV)

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