Discussion Questions: Hebrews 11:1-2


Sermon manuscript available at emmausrbc.org

  • Hebrews 11 is not so much about the doctrine of justification by faith alone, but the walk of faith. Show how this is true from the text.
  • What does it mean that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for”? How might the word “substance” (see NKJV) be more helpful than the word “assurance”? How does faith in the heart give substance to future hopes?
  • What does it mean that faith is “the confidence of things not seen”? In other words, talk about some of the things that we believe to be true (concerning the past and the present) that we cannot see with our physical eyes.
  • What does it mean that “by [faith] the people of old received their commendation”? How does faith in the heart — that is, assurance of things hoped for, and confidence of things not seen — produce a commendable life; a faithful life that God approves of? Stated negatively, why should we not expect people to walk faithfully before God if they do not have this “assurance of things hoped for” and “confidence of things not seen”? 

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