Discussion Questions For Sermon On Ephesians 5:21-24


Sermon manuscript available at emmausrbc.org

  • Why is it important to remember the command concerning  mutual submission in 5:21 as we move into the section of Paul’s letter dealing with particular submission (and authority) within the home (5:22-6:9)?
  • What does it mean for a wife to “submit” to her husband?  Will submission look the same, practically speaking, in every home? Discuss. 
  • Are there limits to a wife’s submission? In other words, is there ever a time when it is right for a wife to go against her husband’s wishes? Is it ever permissible for a wife to divorce her husband? If so, under what circumstances? 
  • What is the primary motivation for a wife to submit to her husband?
  • Though the particular roles of husband and wife differ, what do they share in common? In other words, what is the common denominator shared between the wife’s call to submission and the husband’s call to headship? 
  • Although this sermon was directed at wives, how might these same principles apply to all Christains?


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