GCG Questions for Sermon on 12/14/2014

Text: John 3:22-30

Notes: emmauscf.org/sermons

1. Compare and contrast godly ambition with worldly ambition. What does each look like and how does one distinguish the difference between the two? Give examples.

2. Are you daily driven by a holy ambition being concerned about the wellbeing of others? Share.

3. Are you currently being entangled with worldly things or do you feel rather victorious in the power of Christ? Share. Support and encourage each other.

Family Application: What is your family doing to celebrate the advent season? Share with your group.

Evangelism Application: Who can you share the gospel with during this holiday season? Share and hold accountable.

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"Him we proclaim,
warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom,
that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
(Colossians 1:28, ESV)

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