GCG Questions for Sermon on 09/14/14

Text: John 1:1-5

Notes: emmauscf.org/sermons

1. What does John want his readers to know and understand about Christ in the first verses of chapter 1? (The sermon listed 8 points…see sermon notes) List each point and discuss each. Also, share which point stood out to you the most and explain why.

Family Application: Teaching one’s children about the person and divine nature of Christ can be difficult (to say the least). What advice could you give to other current (or future) parents on how to teach children about who Jesus is?

Evangelism Application: How has contemporary culture distorted the true person and work of Christ? What other religions are founded on a distortion of the person and work of Christ? Discuss and explain.

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"Him we proclaim,
warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom,
that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
(Colossians 1:28, ESV)

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