GCG Questions for Sermon on 11/23/13

The following are review questions for Galatians chapters 3. Discuss in detail the questions that stand out the most.

What term did Paul use to describe the Galatians? (1)

How did they receive the Spirit? (2-5)

Who are the sons of Abraham? (6-7)

How are the Gentiles justified? (8-9)

Who is under the curse? (10)

Who is justified by the law? (11)

What did Christ redeem us from? (13)

Why did Christ become a curse for us? (13-14)

Who is the Seed of Abraham? (16)

What cannot the law annul? (17)

How did God give the inheritance to Abraham? (18)

Why was the law added? (19)

Is the law against the promises of God? (21)

What has the Scripture concluded? (22)

What function did the law serve? (23-24)

After faith has come what are we no longer under? (25)

What have we become through faith in Jesus Christ? (26)

What distinction no longer exists when we put on Christ? (27-28)

What have we become if we are Christ’s? (29)


*A written copy of the sermon manuscript can be found here. https://emmausrbc.org/files/services/11-17-2013notes.pdf

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