OIA for 05/06/12

This week Joe discussed the mystery of Christ in both the Old and New Testaments. This is another week where large amounts of scripture are used, so a majority of your time will be in the application questions.

1. Are there any cultural or background issues that are important in understanding the listed passages?
2. What key word(s)/phrase(s) really stand(s) out to you in these passages of scripture? Why are/is they/it important?
3. Which scripture passage did you find most intriguing or interesting? Why?

1. Compare at least 3 of the used passages with at least 3 other Bible versions (NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, Ect.) What similarities/differences do you observe? Share with your group.
2. Are there any verbs, commands, prepositions, or conjunctions, that seemed to stand out (if any)? What? Why? Share.
3. Read through at least 2-3 commentaries on the listed passage and share what your learned with your group. Here are some free online resources. (http://net.bible.org) (http://www.blueletterbible.org/) (http://biblia.com)

1. Explore each of the following Epochs and discuss how Christ was “prefigured” in each. If he was not prefigured in the event, discuss how the event was in some form pointing to His coming. Also, discuss why it is important to see Christ as being at the core of each of the following events.

1.Burning bush
2.10 Plagues
3.Exodus (1446 B.C.)
4.Red Sea Crossing
5.Law Given on Sinai
6.40 Years of Wilderness Wandering
8.Time of the Judges
9.Reign of David (1010 B.C.)
10.Reign of Solomon (970 B.C.)
11.The Kingdom Divided – Israel and Judah (931 B.C.)
12.Assyrians Conquer N. Kingdom – Israel/Samaria/Ephraim (722 B.C.)
13.Babylonians Conquered S. Kingdom – Judah (605 B.C.)
14.Fall of Jerusalem (586 B.C.)

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