OIA for sermon on 04/29

This week Joe went into further detail on the topic of Covenant Theology. Continue in your discussions from last week to gain further insight into this topic. It is extremely important that we all have a good understanding of this, as it is the basis for understanding the scriptures appropriately.

1. Are there any cultural or background issues that are important in understanding the listed passages?
2. What key word(s)/phrase(s) really stand(s) out to you in these passages of scripture? Why are/is they/it important?
3. Which scripture passage did you find most intriguing or interesting? Why?
4. If you had to sum up this large portion of scripture in a few sentences, what would they be?

1. Compare at least 3 of the used passages with at least 3 other Bible versions (NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, Ect.) What similarities/differences do you observe? Share with your group.
2. Are there any verbs, commands, prepositions, or conjunctions, that seemed to stand out (if any)? What? Why? Share.
3. Read through at least 2-3 commentaries on the listed passage and share what your learned with your group. Here are some free online resources. (http://net.bible.org) (http://www.blueletterbible.org/) (http://biblia.com)

1. Research and discuss “Covenant Theology” with your group.
2. Share and discuss the 5 main “Epics” that were given in the sermon pertaining to scripture. What are the main themes of each epic, and how does each epic support the next?
3. Why is it important to see the Bible as being broken up into specific “Epics”? Share.
4. What has been the most prominent thing that you have learned through the lecture series so far? Share.
5. Why is it so crucial that one have a proper theology of God and the Bible. (I know this is a no-brainer, but I want you to really think about this.) What are the repercussions of poor theology? Discuss.
6. How is your understanding of Covenant Theology changing the way you view Scripture? God? The Church? Share.

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that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
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