OIA for Sermon on 03/04/12

This week the sermon discussed baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The primary scriptures that we will use for these two topics will be 1 Cor 11:17-34 & Acts 2:38.

(See sermon page emmauscf.org/sermons/ for a complete list of scriptures used)


1. Are there any cultural or background issues that are important in understanding any of the listed passage?
2. What key word(s)/phrase(s) really stand(s) out to you in these passage of scripture? Why are/is they/it important?
3. Which scripture passage did you find most intriguing or interesting? Why?
4. What key word(s)/phrase(s) really stand(s) out to you in this passage of scripture? Why are/is they/it important?
5. If you had to sum up all five of theses passages of scripture in one sentence, what would it be?


1. Compare at least 3 of the used passages with at least 3 other Bible versions (NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, Ect.) What similarities/differences do you observe? Share with your group.
2. Are there any verbs, commands, prepositions, or conjunctions, that seemed to stand out? What? Why? Share.
3. Read through at least 2-3 commentaries on your chosen 3 passages and share what your learned with your group. Here are some free online resources. (http://net.bible.org) (http://www.blueletterbible.org/) (http://biblia.com)


1. What is the connection between the Lord’s Supper and the Passover? (Do some research)
2. Why is it so important to involve fellowship with the Lord’s Supper? In other words, why is the Lord’s Supper a public event, not a private one.
3. Share your baptism story with your group? When, where, why, how you felt, etc.
4. When should one become baptized? As soon as they accept Christ? As soon as they become convicted? Share.

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