OIA for sermon 01-14-12

OIA questions based on sermon given 01-14-12
The sermon this week focused on Genesis 1. Genesis means “origins” and explains the beginning of mankind’s existence. The following is a series of observation and application questions bases on Genesis 1.

1. Who is the intended audience in this passage?

2. Are there any cultural or background issues that are important in understanding this passage?

3. When was this scripture written?

4. What key word(s)/phrase(s) really stand(s) out to you in this passage of scripture? Why are/is they/it important?

5. If you had to sum up all five of theses passages of scripture in one sentence, what would it be?

After hearing the sermon on Genesis 1, do you view this portion of scripture different in any way? How? Why?

As made clear in the sermon, Genesis is not a scientific piece of literature. However, that does not mean that Genesis does not help in a scientific understanding of creation. How is Genesis useful in support of science and how is it not? Explain.

How does current scientific research support Genesis? How does it not? Do some research. Share your findings with your group. (Hint: look at recent findings in astronomy and planetary science)

Why is the information found in Genesis 1 absolutely essential in properly understanding salvation?

What other questions has this weeks sermon brought up for you? Share with your group.

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