OIA for sermon on 01/08/12

The sermon this week focused on the great commission. Often, when people think about the great commission Matthew 28:18-20 comes to mind. However, all four gospels and the book of acts include their own version of the great commission. The following is a series of observation and application questions based on the texts used for this week’s sermon; Matt 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16, Luke 24:44-49, John 20:19-23, and Acts 1:4-8.

1. Who is the intended audience in this passage?
2. Are there any cultural or background issues that are important in understanding this passage?
3. When was this scripture written?
4. What key word(s)/phrase(s) really stand(s) out to you in this passage of scripture? Why are/is they/it important?
5. If you had to sum up all five of theses passages of scripture in one sentence, what would it be?


1. What similarities do all 5 of these passages share with each other? Differences? Why do you think?
2. As Christ and scripture make abundantly clear (along with Joe’s message 🙂 ) the great commission is to be the core mission of the Christian faith. Being a Christian, how are you carrying out this mission in your life? Are there any priorities that need to be shifted? What? Why? Share with your group.
3. How has today’s church succeeded and failed in carrying out the great commission? What needs to be done and prioritized at Emmaus to ensure that the great commission is central to our ministry? Why? Explain.
4. Give practical and applicable ways in which a Christian who lives and works in the Hemet and San Jacinto Valley can daily carry out the Great Commission, as it is understood in all 5 of the listed passages.
5. Spend time in prayer that all Churches (including Emmaus) will accurately understand and fulfill the great commission throughout the world.

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that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
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