Do you have questions about the doctrine of salvation?

Do you have questions about the doctrine of salvation? If so, I would highly recommend this seminar series from Dr. John Piper that a friend of mine made me aware of today. The teaching is well presented, thorough, clear, and deeply devoted to the Holy Scriptures – also, it’s free! There’s about 8 hours of teaching here in audio or video form with lecture notes available. Perhaps you could find a way to work this in to your schedule in the next month or two. I trust that you will be blessed by it as you grow in your understanding of what it means to be saved by grace alone through faith alone. May your love for Him increase!


TULIP, Part 1: Introduction

TULIP, Part 2: Assumptions – Irresistible Grace

TULIP, Part 3: Irresistible Grace – Total Depravity

TULIP, Part 4: Total Depravity – Unconditional Election

TULIP, Part 5: Unconditional Election

TULIP, Part 6: Unconditional Election

TULIP, Part 7: Limited Atonement

TULIP, Part 8: Perseverance of the Saints

TULIP, Part 9: Ten Effects of Believing the Five Points of Calvinisim



Free Will and Calvinism – Thoughts from Greg Koukl

One of the objections that I have heard concerning Calvinism is that if it were true, we as human beings would have to be like robots, existing without free will. Truth be told, godly men have effectively explained the interaction between the sovereignty of God and man’s free will throughout church history. Martin Luther, and Jonathan Edwards wrote extensively on this issue hundreds of years ago, and men like R.C Sproul, John Piper, and J.I. Packer (along with many others) have written effectively on this topic in modern times.

The scriptures are abundantly clear that God is completely sovereign and yet man is morally responsible for his choices. I have posted a link to a video by Greg Koukl (a Christian apologist) where he wrestles with the nature and extent of the freedom of the human will.

Please click HERE to view the video.

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John Piper and Rick Warren

If you have an extra hour and a half I would highly recommend that that you watch John Piper’s interview with Rick Warren concerning his doctrine. It’s an interesting interview and I think it will help to shed some light on differences that led us to start a new church rather than continue at BFC.

John Piper’s ministry has been influential in my life; I appreciate his depth and his willingness to explain the scriptures thoroughly. Rick Warren, as you probably know, is leading the way in the “seeker friendly” church movement. Both men are great pastors and have been used by God mightily, but their approach to preaching and ministry are very different. I don’t know if it needs to be said, but my approach would line up more closely with Piper’s (or at least I hope it does/will).

It’s interesting that both of these men claim to adhere to basically the same doctrine. I was, in all honesty, surprised to hear Warren say that he agrees with Piper on the sovereignty of God, total depravity, unconditional election, and even to some extent, limited atonement. Listening to this interview confirmed my suspicion that oftentimes our differences are not so much theological as much as they have to do with our methodology or our understanding of the role of preaching in the life of the church.

I hope this is helpful!


Please click HERE to watch the interview.

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