Lesson 15: Humanity and Sin: Humanity in Sin


Read Know the Truth: Chapter 10: Humanity in Sin (Pages 138-146)

Notice: The sections under the headings “Further Issues” and “Present Debates” are not included in the reading for this lesson. If the group would like to cover these topics it is recommended that an extra week be devoted to them before moving on to Lesson 16.

Questions for Discussion

1. Which interpretation of the fall do you believe to be truest to Scripture? Why is the mythical view not adequate?

2. ‘The fall is the silent hypothesis of the whole biblical doctrine of sin and redemption.’ Discuss.

3. What does ‘total depravity’ mean? Consider the importance of this notion for the evangelist’s message and methods.

4. What do you understand by Paul’s statement that ‘through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners’ (Rom. 5:19)?

5. Identify the principal effects of sin on our relationship with (a) God, (b) our neighbour, (c) ourselves, (d) our environment, (e) time. Find examples of these effects from biblical biography and from your daily newspaper or newscast.

6. Consider sin’s effects upon our relationship with our neighbour (a) in international relations, (b) in your own society, (c) in your immediate neighbourhood, (d) in your place of work or college, (e) in your church or Christian group, (f) in your own life.

7. Imagine yourself speaking to (a) a Spirituality/New Age follower, (b) a ‘my god is Nature’ individual, (c) a postmodernist, (d) a believer in free-market economics, (e) a religious pluralist: how would you present the gospel of Christ to each of them?

8. In what senses is Jesus ‘the only way to God’?

Milne, Bruce (2012-11-28). Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief (pp. 159-160). InterVarsity Press. Kindle Edition.

Scripture Reading, Scripture Memory and Catechism

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