Lesson 9: The Doctrine of God: The Attributes of God


Read Know the Truth: Chapter 6: The Attributes or Perfections of God  (Pages 84-94)

Questions for Discussion

1. What is meant by (a) the glory of God, (b) the lordship of God, (c) the holiness of God, (d) the love of God? Establish the biblical basis of each.

2. Try and relate each perfection to the three persons of the Trinity.

3. How do these perfections affect (a) Christian evangelism, (b) the priorities of a local church, (c) our Christian character?

4. How would you try to relate these divine perfections to someone facing (a) severe illness, (b) personal moral failure, (c) bereavement, (d) temporary loss of faith, (e) acute disappointment, (f) a broken relationship?

Milne, Bruce (2012-11-28). Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief (p. 94). InterVarsity Press. Kindle Edition.

Scripture Reading, Scripture Memory and Catechism

Please visit emmauscf.org/passages to view a suggested Bible reading plan, suggested scripture memory verse, and Emmaus’ catechism. Once there, please select the appropriate week of the year.

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