Resources Regarding Children In Corporate And Family Worship

Children In the Worship Service

This article provides a brief explanation of the importance and benefits of having our children in the entire worship service.

Children in Worship – Let’s Bring it Back

This article provides a number of different ideas on how to prepare your children for Sunday worship as well as some advice on what to do during the service to help keep them engaged.

“Children in Worship – Mom Tested Tips”


Family Integrated Church Perspective – Pros and Cons

The Reformed Forum interviews Dr. Sam Waldron on the issues of the Family-Integrated Church movement and the inclusion of children in worship. Before listening it is important to understand a couple different terms. “Children’s Sunday School” refers to the instruction of children during a time other than during the normal worship service. Think Emmaus Essentials for children. “Children’s church” or “Jr. Church” would be the instruction of children separate from the adults during the normal worship service.

The Family-Integrated Church movement seeks to eliminate the practice age segregated groups or instruction at anytime during the normal worship service or at any other time or day. Dr. Waldron discusses the pros and cons of this movement.

Family Integrated Church Interview – The Reformed Forum

Dr. Sam Waldron’s has written a number of relatively short blog posts discussing the pros and cons of the Family Integrated Church movement.

Dr. Sam Waldron on the Family-Integrated Church


Family Worship

This article provides eleven reasons and benefits on why it is important to have family worship (or family devotions) within the home.

“11 Reasons to Worship with Your Family”

This article provides very practical advice on how to lead your family in worship within the home.

“The What, When, and How of Family Worship”

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