Essentials Audio – The Offices of Christ – 05-26-2013

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Here are the links to the content from week 7 of Emmaus Essentials – Making Sense of Christ and the Holy Spirit. We will look at The Holy Spirit in week 8.

Week 7 Audio and Notes – The Offices of Christ

Week 7 Notes

Week 7 Audio

Week 6 Audio and Notes – The Resurrection and Ascension of Christ

Week 6 Notes

Week 6 Audio

Week 5 Audio and Notes – The Atonement (Part 2)

Week 5 Notes

Week 5 Audio (Part 1)

Week 5 Audio (Part 2)

The recording stopped a third of the way through the class so I had to restart it. That’s why there are two audio files.

Week 4 Audio and Notes – The Atonement (Part 1)

Week 4 Notes

Week 4 Audio

Week 3 Audio and Notes – The Person of Christ (Part 3)

Week 3 Notes

Week 3 Audio

Week 2 Audio and Notes – The Person of Christ (Part 2)

Week 2 Notes

Week 2 Audio

Week 1 Audio and Notes – The Person of Christ (Part 1)

Week 1 Notes

Week 1 Audio

Other Links 

Class Overview

Link to Emmaus Essentials iTunes Podcast

Link to Wayne Grudem’s iTunes Podcast

Main Text

“Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit” by Wayne Grudem


Chapters 26 – 30 in Grudem’s single volume “Systematic Theology”


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that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
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