Developing a Biblical Worldview For Our Children

I’ve been reading for the second time Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham. In chapter  four, Baucham discusses the importance of teaching our children a biblical worldview and cites a couples individual explain what a worldview is:

“A worldview, according to Francis Schaeffer, is the ‘grid through which [one] sees the world.’ In other words, a worldview is like a pair of glasses. Think about the first time you put on a pair of colored shades or placed someone else’s prescription lenses on your eyes. Immediately the world took on a new shade, or maybe even got bigger or smaller. That is exactly what a worldview doe… Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcy put an even finer point on the matter in their book How Now Shall We Live? They define worldview as ‘the sum total of our beliefs about the world, the big picture that directs our daily decisions and actions’” (Pg. 72-73). [1]

Baucham provides the five basic elements of a worldview and explains that if we teach our children the correct biblical worldview they are more likely to act and make decisions that are consistent with the Christian faith beyond the years when mom and dad are watching.


Secular Humanism

Christian Theism

View of God



View of Man


Special Creation

View of Truth



View of Knowledge


Scientific / General / Natural Revelation

View of Ethics



(Chart  pg. 77)

While I know this post is not very specific, thinking through this concept has helped me realized that I can begin to help establish and build the foundation for a biblical worldview for my young son by being intentional with the vocabulary I use, the simple conversations I have with him, and any other opportunities the Lord may provide.

As parents, if we are not intentional and have not thought through our end result in our parenting and with our children the time will pass us quickly bye.

I encourage you parents to refer back to the Rite of Passage Parenting Guide on a somewhat regular basis to revise the goals and objectives you have set for each of your children. (If you have not received one of these booklets than I would like to sit down and meet with your family).

God Bless



[1] Baucham, Voddie (2007). Family Driven Faith. Wheaton, Illinois, USA; Crossway Books.

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