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God has given parent(s) the primary responsibility to raise their children in the Lord but He did not intend for parent(s) to train and instruct their children in isolation. God has provided families with the church to help support, encourage, and equip parent(s) to raise and minister the gospel to their children. This page is dedicated to providing information and resources to help equip parent(s) in their ministry to their children.

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At Emmaus we believe that God has given parents, especially fathers the authority and responsibility to train and instruct children up in the Lord. In addition, we believe that God has ordained the gathering of all generations, young to old, to worship Him together in one place and at one time. Therefore, each and every Sunday our children worship the Lord alongside their parents and other members of God’s family.

It is important to understand that God has ordained the church to have authority over the teaching and preaching of the word, administering of the sacraments, fulfilling the great commission, and church discipline. God has given parents the authority and responsibility of teaching and guiding children in the way that they should go. God has called the church to equip and support parents in the raising of their children.

The objective of Emmaus’ Parent ministry consists of but is not limited to:

Children In The Worship Service - Parents are encouraged to keep their children in the service with them so that thy can begin to learn to sing, pray, listen to teaching, and also witness the observance of the Lord’s Supper (children may partake of the Supper once they have been baptized upon profession of faith).

Training Room - The morning and afternoon worship services are streamed into the Multi-Purpose at Emmaus so that parents have a place to take their young children if they are having a difficult time in the sanctuary. We encourage parents to use this room to train their children to sit quietly through the service and not as a play room.

Sunday School - Sunday school will be offered for children grades K-5 during Emmaus Essentials (9-9:45 on Sundays). The teaching will center upon the catechism question that was introduced in the worship service on the previous Sunday along with selected scripture texts.

Membership and Rite Of Passage - According to our constitution, when young people under the age of 18 are baptized upon profession of faith they are considered minor members. At age 18 they are encouraged to progress through the membership process and to become full members of the church. In this way, the young person's emergence into adulthood is recognized by the congregation. We encourage parents to also mark this transition within the home so that it is clear that they are considered adults. Marking such a transition is healthy for the child, the parents, the household, the church, and society. Please talk with a pastor to learn more about this "rite of passage" concept and for ideas on how to work towards it.



Discussion Questions: Baptist Catechism 110
posted on Sunday, December 3rd by Joe

Discussion Questions: Luke 8:22-25
posted on Sunday, December 3rd by Joe

  1. Who is this Jesus? How does this story demonstrate that he is truly man and truly God?
  2. Name Old Testament stories involving God calming or conquering stormy waters. Why is it important to think of these stories when considering this story about Jesus in Luke 8? 
  3. Put yourself in the disciples’ shoes. How would this experience with Jesus have affected your understanding of Jesus and your faith in him?
  4. What “storms of life” have you experienced wherein God and Christ have proved faithful? How have these “storms” strengthened your faith?

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