Bolstering the Brethren

On the second Saturday of every other month, the men of Emmaus come together for food, fellowship, and encouragement. The men of Emmaus will be reading foundational books between each Bolstering event. The leadership of Emmaus will provide a brief overview and teaching on the book so that those who were unable to read will still benefit from the content (please come even if you didn’t read). Please see the schedule below for more details.


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    Sat, May 8, 2021
     at 9:00 am

    Join us for food, fellowship, and encouragement in the Christian life!

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    Sat, July 10, 2021
     at 9:00 am

    Join us for food, fellowship, and encouragement in the Christian life!

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    Sat, September 11, 2021
     at 9:00 am

    Join us for food, fellowship, and encouragement in the Christian life!

    Location: TBD


“Jesus Loves The Church And So Should You”, by Earl Blackburn
June 2016-February 2017
The Men of Emmaus discussed the book, “Jesus Loves The Church And So Should You” in their men’s meetings from June 2016-February 2017. This is a fine little book on the importance of belonging to a local church. It is a book about ecclesiology, but it is not written in an academic style. It is a book about the church written for the church (or those who are hesitant to join). We benefited greatly from it.

“Family Worship”, by Donald S. Whitney
April 9, 2016

About the book: “Many Christian families have never experienced the joy and spiritual benefits of family worship—a practice rooted in history but largely neglected in our day. In this down-to-earth book, Donald Whitney offers parents a practical guide for leading their families in daily worship, walking readers through three crucial elements: reading Scripture, praying together, and singing songs in praise of God’s name. He then responds to common ‘What if?’ scenarios, such as ‘What if the father is not a Christian?’ and ‘What if the children are very young?’ Looking to the Bible and church history, this guidebook promises to help parents establish a pattern of daily, God-honoring, spiritually uplifting worship in their homes.”

“The Duties of Parents”, by J.C. Ryle
February 13, 2016
On February 13th the men of Emmaus discussed the book, “The Duties of Parents”, by J.C. Ryle. It is a very short book (only 34 pages long), but it is rich with encouragement for parents. Although not all of the men who participate in the Bolstering events have children in the home, the book was still beneficial for three reasons: One, some may have children some day – it’s best to prepare! Two, engaging in this study helps all, young and old, to support those with children in the home to fulfill their calling. Three, the book reads in such a way that it nurtures the soul whether or not you are actively involved in parenting.

“Sacred Bond”, by Zach Keele and Michael Brown
October 11 and December 12, 2015
From August through December of 2015 the men (and afterwards, the women) of Emmaus worked through “Sacred Bond – Covenant Theology Explored” by Zach Keele and Michael Brown. The objectives of this study were threefold: 1) To lay down the basics of covent theology; 2) To gain an understanding of the way that Reformed Paedobaptists  view the covenants; 3) To begin to develop an appreciation for the distinctiveness of Reformed Baptist covenant theology. For more information on Reformed Baptist covenant theology, please visit

“Call the Sabbath a Delight”, by Walter Chantry
August 8, 2015 
Objectives: 1) To persuade the men of Emmaus of the continuing validity of the Sabbath principle given at creation and reiterated on Sinai in the Ten Commandments; 2) To give instruction concerning the proper observance of the fourth commandment under the New Covenant. Attention will be given to the questions: Upon which day are we to rest and worship? What ought we to do on the Lord’s Day? What ought we not to do? What should motivate our observance? What is the proper attitude? And what about the danger of legalism?

"Him we proclaim,
warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom,
that we may present everyone mature in Christ."
(Colossians 1:28, ESV)

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